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Part Number: II19337N00

Type number: LA8006
Description: Air Dryer
Product Status: Saleable in the IAM

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  • Exhaust Connector Snap-on Connector
  • Heater Connection Type Kostal M27x1,0 (2 x Ø4,0)
  • Heater Voltage [volts] 24 Volt
  • Weight [Kg] 4.47 kg
  • Air Inlet port(s) size M22x1,5 N10172
  • Air Delivery port(s) size M22x1,5 N10172
  • With internal Silencer No
  • Purge control Timed Purge
  • Safety valve pressure [bar] 13,0
  • Unloader cut-out pressure [bar] 8,6 +0,4
  • Unloader pressure control range [bar] 0,8 +0,4
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Preferred IAM part for II19337N00
Record sets: 1
Part NumberType numberDescription
II19337N00LA8006Air Dryer
Service Part(s) for II19337N00
Record sets: 6
Part NumberType numberDescription
I87122004Heater Plug
II40100FDesiccant Cartridge
II40100FK49Desiccant Cartridge
K007827K50Exhaust Valve Kit
K039454Desiccant Cartridge
K039454X00Reman. Desiccant Cartridge